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Mitzi Theresa Du Hamel Yellow Horn
Died, November 2, 2008


It is with Deep Sadness that we write of the natural passing of Mitzi Theresa du Hamel Yellow Horn of Merrickville on Sunday November 2, 2008.  Mitzi is a “Disney Dawg” and a “Champion Frisbee Player”.  Mitzi is survived by her human mummy Paula du Hamel Yellow Horn, and Dad Stan Yellow Horn, Auntie Colleen Mears, her real Mum Joplin Duhamel, her big sister Jenna du Hamel Yellow Horn, and her big brothers Madrigal du Hamel Yellow Horn and Mooshie Duhamel Miller.  Pre-deceased by her real Dad Spot Duhamel McClellan, and big brothers Sam Duhamel, Copper Duhamel Appel, Ben Duhamel Young and sisters Diamond Duhamel Rading, Freckles Duhamel McClellan, and unknown if still living, Goldie Duhamel.  Mitzi is a brave little girl, the youngest of a family of 10 puppies born in Manotick November 21, 1995.   Mitzi was a little girl with abundance of Joy.  Her real mum Joplin taught her how to survive as the delicate and smaller baby of the family with big siblings.  Mitzi always kissed her mummy Joplin every morning to thank her.  She was also a real joker, putting on human mummy’s PJ’s through her arms walking around the house to make her laugh, throwing her ears back to show how “fast” she was as a Frisbee player and runner, and eggin’ her big Sister Jenna on to not be so camera shy.  She enjoyed travelling across Canada and back to Ottawa many times, running the large Prairie lands of the Buffalo and spacious Golf courses.  She loved RVing and spent 2 winters at Myrtle Beach playing Frisbee games, on Florida’s Beaches and at Disney World.  But she loved her Eastern Ontario woods and pasture lands the most and the smell of the pines and cedars, playing “STICK” with her parents and siblings as she grew up.  She was happy when her human mummy settled in Merrickville with a house and lots of land to play on.  She will be extremely missed by all who knew her.  Mitzi became a Diabetic in the fall of 2007 and lost her eyesight to Cataracts in January 2008.  We were preparing her for restoration of her eyesight in January 2009.  She became unexpectedly ill on November 1, 2008.  We would like to thank Merrickville businesses, residents, and tourists who donated towards her medical expenses.  A special thank you to Auntie Collen for all her love, Father Lindsay Harrison of Saint Patrick’s Basilica, Roman Catholic Church for her blessings.  We thank all her friends who have sent cards, and Facebook messages of condolences – Mitzi knows you loved her dearly.  We thank Manotick Veterinary Services and Dr. Dawn Young, Alta Vista Veterinary, Dr. Chapman and Dr. Tinsley, and Very his assistant and Merrickville Veterinary Services and Debbie and all the ladies at all hospitals who cared so much for her.  Diabetes strikes humans and animals, and is a ferocious illness that claims many both young and old. Mitzi’s human grandmother Ida Duhamel and uncle John Mears both died from Diabetes complications.  Mitzi would like all animal lovers to give generously in her honour to Diabetic Research in Canada.



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